Irrespective of occupation, lifestyle, age or level of fitness; whether you sit behind a computer all day or participate in competitive sports, everyone needs healthy muscles to undertake their particular type of activity effectively or to simply maintain correct posture. Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage should play an important part in the life of everyone whether or not they are injured, in order to offset the likelihood of injury, relieve pain and to improve overall performance.


STR is used to isolate specific areas of congested tissue whilst the muscle is stretched to prevent healthy tissue compensating for the restricted area


METs are a variety of manipulative treatments in which a patient, under guidance, actively uses their muscles to resist against a counterforce applied by the Practitioner. These techniques are used to restore shortened muscles back to their normal length


NMT is primarily employed to identify and release trigger points which are muscle fibres that remain permanently contracted and frequently refer pain to other locations. NMT involves the application of concentrated ischemic compression to de-activate these fibres


MFR is a highly successful treatment used to access and treat restrictions in the fascia relying on the application of concentrated pressure which is combined with slow movement


Ultrasound is a method of stimulating the tissue beneath the skin's surface using very high frequency sound waves, between 800,000 Hz and 2,000,000 Hz, which cannot be heard by humans. There are three primary benefits to ultrasound. The first is the speeding up of the healing process from the increase in blood flow in the treated area. The second is the decrease in pain from the reduction of swelling and edema. The third is the gentle massage of muscle tendons and/ or ligaments in the treated area because no strain is added and any scar tissue is softened. 


Designed to mimic human skin, with roughly the same thickness and elastic properties, the tape can be stretched 30–40% in the longitudinal direction. It is a latex free material with acrylic adhesive, which is heat activated. The cotton fibers allow for evaporation and quicker drying leading to longer wear time, up to 5 days. How the tape is claimed to affect the body is dependent on its usage throughout the body and how it is applied: the direction of pull, the shape, and the location; all play a role in its hypothetical function.


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